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2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界

Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020  | Authentic World



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2020 | 裝置,書籍20本、印刷布,尺寸依場地而定

台灣獨立書店文化協會+20家台灣獨立書店(三餘書店、月讀書咖、台灣的店、瓦當人文書屋、有河書店、見書店、孩好書屋、南崁小書店、紅絲線、南方書店、晃晃書店、浮光書店、晨熹社、無論如河、詩生活、邊譜、繫。本屋、讀字書店、曬書店、MOKU旅人書店) 藝術協作:莊哲瑋

Taiwan Association for Independent Bookshop Culture+20 Independent Bookshops (TaKao Book, Moon Reader, Taiuan-e-tiam, Wadam Books, YouHe Book, Sea To See, Goodforkid, NanKan1567 Bookstore, Text Apartment, NanFang Bookstore, SuSu Bookstore, Illumination Books, Asahikari Books, Gutta Books, Poetry in Life, Bien Books, Akauw Books, DuZu Books, Book Site, Traveler Bookstore ). Art Collaborator: Che-Wei CHUANG

2020 | Installation, 20 books, printed fabric. Dimensions variable.



Can writing represent authenticity? Are texts applicable to refer to the world? When readers follow the train of thought of the texts, walk on the roads paved by the texts, and enter a place people seldom visit, or where people gather together, reading seems to take them to the world constructed by the author at such moment.

Holzwege is a project inviting indie bookstores to respond to “the authentic world” with books they selected. The bookstores wrote guided text for their select works, inviting audiences/readers to get into the forest of words, just like what Martin Heidegge mentioned in his work Holzwege: there are many different routes, but they all lead us to the same end. When we walk on a winding road, we can appreciate a variety of scenes and explore the polysemic yet real world along the road.


2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020

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