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2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界

Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020  | Authentic World



8. 神 沙力浪2.JPG

2020 | 錄像、物件


Rice Valley (Jui-Ting WEI)+Salizan Takisvilainan+Glimmering Multimedia Studio (Chia-Jen CHEN, Chih-Ju LIN)




2020 | Video, objects provided by Rice Valley and Salizan Takisvilainan

Whether it is possible for humans to strike a balance between the production and consumption of resources on Earth is determined by the long-term effort that we made, which is a journey for us to know each other and to be able to coordinate with each other.


The exhibition presents the scene that mountaineering coordinators see at the start of their exploration, showcasing the tools that modern farmers use to cultivate their lands. First-hand videos and images as well as the tools the farmers employ and the information they collected are displayed in the venue, showing various adjustments made with the natural environment. Jui-Ting WEI grows organic rice in Chishang, Taitung, and he introduces the concept of block chain so that consumers can trace the source of their food. The tools and technology he employed demonstrate the transformation of the production of rice. Salizan-Takisvilaninan follows the guide/baggage shipper, or the “mountaineering coordinator” in his tribe, investigating the monuments and relics lefts in the mountains, studying the wisdom of his ancestors, and writing down the changes of their lifestyles.

2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020

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