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2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界

Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020  | Authentic World



The Man Over

the Wall

2020 | 5部單頻道錄像, 54秒、1分09秒、31秒、36秒、2分17秒,創作者森嵐工作方圖-邱杰森


C&G Art Group- Chieh-Sen CHIU

2020 | 5 single-channel videos (54 seconds, 1 minute 9 seconds, 31 seconds, 36 seconds, 2 minutes 17 seconds). Created by Chieh-Sen CHIU (C&G Art Group).

With a video documenting the climbing of walls with the first-person perspective, Chieh-Sen CHIU presented the process of human bodies overcoming obstacles, going over houses and courtyards. For the artist, human body is the primary medium of arts. When people move around the settlements undergoing reconstruction or are semi-demolished, the dynamic character of the body breaks down obstacles imposed by buildings and personally removing the barriers between spaces.

This piece constitutes multiple documentaries, namely, “No. 31, Section 1, Daguan Road”, “No. 5, Alley 4, Lane 29, Section 1, Daguan Road”, “No. 12, Lane 35, Section 1, Daguan Road”, “No. 6, Lane 37, Section 1, Daguan Road”, and “No. 1, Lane 39, Section 1, Daguan Road”.




10. 森 森嵐.jpg

New-Taipei on Line

2020 | 彩色單頻道投影、3分鐘、攝影輸出,尺寸依場地而定,創作者森嵐工作方圖-莫珊嵐

2020 | Colour single-channel projection (3 minutes) digital photography prints. Dimensions variable, created by Margot GUILLEMOT (C&G Art Group).


C&G Art Group- Margot Guillemot


The online city series created by artist Margot Guillemot originated in 2016. She conducted a comprehensive research about the city landscape and used a “single-point perspective” to photograph the centre of roads outside the exits of metro in the city. The multiple samples were then reconstructed into an image using montage. Through a single-point perspective, the checkerboard-like boulevards and towering buildings are highlighted, and together, they form a scene similar to modern cities. 




2020 | 鑑界複丈報告、土地劃分書、3D打印地籍模型、鋼筋牆、界釘、噴漆,4.6公尺、尺寸可變,創作者蔡國傑

2020 | Boundary resurvey report, land division report, 3D printed cadastral model, reinforced wall, boundary marker, spray paint, 4.6 meters. Dimensions variable, created by Guo-Jie TSAI.


Guo-Jie TSAI


The work +1 is the continuation of Half Field Plan, a different perspective to implement the land sales plan, while the two works both aim to explore the “power field” in arts. +1 is a concept based on the land boundary – just like the cadastral boundaries that divide the land based on landmarks. TSAI attempted the role of “a boundary manager”, creating a cadastral line in the gallery and mark down the rights of the space through the entire process of boundary resurvey and land division as well as the introduction of a reinforced wall and cadastral sand table in the space. 


2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020

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