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2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界

Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020  | Authentic World



The Archetypes

of Legends

2020 | 裝置,木雕雕塑、紙糊作品、糊紙工具、文物,尺寸依場地而定


Yao-Hui HONG+Yin-Cheng LIN+Lotos (Wen-Yih KUO)



2020 | Installation, wood sculpture, paper bird. Dimensions variable.

When looking into folk culture and history, woodcarving techniques and Taoist paper art both showcase the religious and ritual customs concretely. Back to then, people developed these skills due to the everyday needs, and over time these were established as part of the local culture. These traditional art pieces give us a sneak peek at part of the archetypes of human legends. “The Archetypes of Legends” aims to answer certain groups of people and highlight the psychological remnants of the prevailing experience right at the place.

Yao-Hui HONG and Yin-Cheng LIN have years of experience in traditional art. HONG, the woodcarving master, learns from a woodcarver, Pingsi HAI, from Quanzhou, Fujian. He has participated in the reconstruction work of Sanxia Zushi Temple for fifteen years, and under his exquisite craftsmanship, human figures and animals seem to come alive. LIN, the paper art master, specialising in making birds and beasts, can capture the animals’ spirits and make them come to lives merely with paper and bamboo sticks. As for Lotos, it is a team that studies the silt trapped in dams. Lotos is responsible for the cracked floors in this work.


Lotos Team|Wen-Yih KUO , Jian-Min LU, Yu-Chuan HSU, Chen-Wei CHANG, Ya-Chun CHANG, Chiu-Yu KUO, A-Fat CHEN, Cheng-Hsien CHEN, Sheng-Jun CHEN, Amanda CHEN, Stanley TANG, Pei-Hsi FENG, Tien-Fu HUANG, Chun-Wei HUANG, Voss HUANG, Szu-Ying HUANG, Pei- I TUNG, Chin-Hung CHENG, Wel-Ling CHENG, Ching-Hua CHENG

2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020

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