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2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展|真實世界

Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020  | Authentic World



Endless rotating and cycling

2020 | 複合媒材,尺寸依場地而定


Yu-Ju CHEN, Šimon Talanda


藝術家陳宇如走訪捷克時,途經一個名為莫爾科維採-斯利扎尼(Morkovice-Slížany)的城鎮,在城鎮的郊區農場與當地藝術家西蒙.塔蘭達以能量循環的概念為發想創作,該農場裡由於毗濕奴派(Vaishnavism)的思想 - 一個印度教的分支,匯聚了擁有相同理念的人,他們大多為二十至四十幾歲的青壯年,希望回歸到工業革命之前的生活,重新探尋古法以復興自然,反而更像是開啟一項全新的研究。

2020 | Mixed media. Dimensions variable.

The manual corn sheller that are constantly rotating, the spinning machine that keeps running to weave wools into threads, the sunrise and sunset that push the days forward, as well as the four seasons that contribute to the running of earth – Such cycles, rotations, and repeats showcase the infinity and accumulation of energy.

Artist Yu-Ju CHEN visited a suburb farm in Morkovice-Slížany, the Czech Republic, and worked with a local artist, Simon Tarata to create this piece of work inspired by the local belief in cycles. People gathered in the farm due to their mutual belief, Vaishnavism, a branch of Hinduism, and they are mostly youths between 20 and 40 years old, rather than grandpas and grandmas. These young people hope to return to the time before industrialization, developing minimum reliance on technology and industrial works and pursuing a self-sufficient life. However, they are not completely cutting off from modern society, but rather they are revisiting the traditional methods as if they are conducting some brand new researches.

2020 大臺北當代藝術雙年展
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Art 2020

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